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Follow these easy steps to recycle with WasteBanc and unlock a world of green rewards while contributing to a sustainable future.

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Download the App: Get the WasteBanc app from your app store and sign up for an account.

Step Two

Select Your Materials: Identify the recyclable items you wish to recycle and make a green choice.

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Schedule a Pickup/Drop-off: Schedule a pick-up or locate a nearby drop-off location for your recyclables.

Step Four

Get rewarded: Earn reward points that you can withdraw directly into your Alternative Bank account.


About Wastebanc

The Alternative Path
To Sustainability

WasteBanc is an initiative of The Alternative Bank, dedicated to revolutionizing the recycling landscape. We envision a world where recycling not only safeguards our planet but also enriches lives. As passionate advocates of sustainability, we've crafted innovative solutions that empower individuals, businesses, and communities to profitably recycle while preserving our environment.

  • Community engagement initiatives.
  • Exclusive rewards and incentives.
  • Easy to use mobile application.
  • Hassle free pickups and drop off
  • Multiple drop-off locations.
  • Dedicated customer support.

Live the green

We're rewriting the recycling narrative with innovative features that empower you to make a difference.Together, let's reimagine sustainability.

How Wastebanc Provides Value

Use Cases


Embrace sustainable living with WasteBanc's user-friendly app. Earn exclusive rewards as you recycle, creating a green legacy for your family and future generations.

Corporate & Business

WasteBanc empowers businesses with eco-friendly solutions. Showcase your commitment to sustainability, increase brand value, and drive positive change within your industry.


WasteBanc brings communities together with easy recycling solutions. Strengthen your neighborhood's environmental impact and foster a cleaner, more sustainable future.


Our Impact

Making a difference

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    Tons Recycled

    WasteBanc has successfully recycled a staggering 2000 tons of recyclable materials; from plastic, to papers, iron among others, reducing environmental strain and conserving valuable resources.

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    In Rewards Paid

    Through our green rewards program, we've distributed over N100 million in incentives, motivating recyclers and amplifying their impact on the environment.

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    Lives Impacted

    Our eco-education initiatives and solutions have empowered indivduals to embrace sustainable actions for a greener future which has translated to better living conditions for over 50 million people.

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    Recyclers Strong

    WasteBanc has built a community of over 100,000 dedicated recyclers, united by a shared commitment to protecting our planet and creating a sustainable legacy. You too can become a part of the change.

We Are Building A Community of
Green Conscious Individuals

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